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Audio needs to be crystal clear so there is no unnecessary noise where something that is said needs to be interpreted. For both devices, the battery life needs to be sufficient and the investigator needs to carry spare batteries for recording. Check all devices and accessories the night before a surveillance and even the morning of. Everything during a surveillance needs to be documented.

There is a good chance that the evidence collected during the surveillance will be used in a contested divorce case. Having spare pens and plenty of paper available ensures nothing will be missed. Apps on the smartphone are also handy for quick note taking and can offer many other benefits. Make a list of all the common places the target can be located and then visit them right away.

How a Private Investigator Might Help

This includes their workplace, home, and other places they may frequent. An experienced investigator will first visit each place to become familiar with the surroundings and review maps locating entry and exit roads to those areas. This type of pre-surveillance is valuable as an investigator can change their plan of approach as needed and not lose their target. Of course, no experienced investigator goes out into the field without a GPS tracker. Data from the trackers can be downloaded later to show as evidence of where the target was located at a specific time.

Ultimately one of the best tactics of Private Investigation is knowledge and experience. The Private Investigator profession has been around since In it was estimated there were 28, Private Investigators in the U. S alone. Currently, there is a wealth of information online about the Private Investigation career, tips, tactics and mistakes that have been made by previous investigators.

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This is a big advantage to any investigator as they are able to learn from past mistakes by others or their own and employ better tactics on the next investigation. Using these tactics and learning from others experiences can help a Private Investigator catch the cheating spouse and most importantly provide the evidence their client needs for peace of mind.

Previous Next. Best Private Investigator Tactics to Catch a Cheater When a person thinks of Private Investigator they often think of catching a cheating spouse or partner. So Why Use a Private Investigator Some people may choose to try and catch their cheating spouse on their own but this can still be a difficult task. Online and Personal Investigation For starters, the Private Investigator will begin at the surface and then dig deeper.

Tailing the Target The key is to blend in with traffic and the crowd.

Cheating Spouses / Infidelity Investigations

High Tech Surveillance A good Private Investigator keeps up with the latest technology in order to perform surveillance. Know Your Place Make a list of all the common places the target can be located and then visit them right away. If you are collecting proof against a cheating spouse and wish to present it in the court then there are chances that his or her lawyer would make them look unethical and cooked up and you on the other hand, can be charged for fake proofs, invading privacy, and unethical investigations, says Douglas Miranda.

But an evidence by a licensed private investigator has more value in the court which can help you prove your partner a cheat and get some emotional relief. One of the other reasons for hiring a professional investigator is to have an unbiased and non judgmental surveillance on the cheating spouse.

It is natural for the suspecting spouse to be emotionally vulnerable and finding every clue as the sign of a cheating partner. This emotional insecurity can be a major hindrance in an unbiased investigation. But, private detectives help you find the real truth without involving emotions in it.

So, if you feel that your partner is cheating on you, it is important to be sure about your suspicion. Talk out this issue with your friends and be sure that your partner is genuinely behaving different and is going around with someone else at your back. Generally, it is advisable to talk to your partner about your feelings.

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It is difficult, but always better to talk and confront him or her about it. The reactions and expressions of your partner would probably tell you more at this point. If he or she accepts his infidelity, you know what to do. But if he or she denies it then you need to delve in deeper if you are not convinced and satisfied with their answers and the overall discussion. If even after thinking logically many times, you still feel something is wrong then you must contact a professional private investigator. But there are certain things that you must keep in mind before hiring a private investigator.

In order to find a private investigator or detective, you have several options before you. You can look into the yellow pages for a list, browse the Internet or follow the newspaper adverts.


A private investigator has to be licensed and you must be aware of his track record or previous cases that he or she has handled. It is also important to know their working strategy before hiring them.

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